(Defence Innovators and Industry Association )

We are a non-profit making Company called the Defence Innovators and Industry Association (DIIA), under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013. DIIA champions the view point that self-sufficiency in defence can be achieved through government policies that pro-actively encourage indigenous R&D. It provides a platform for like minded organisations to rally around, collaborate and co-operate to forge ahead in making the ‘Make by India’ a sustainable initiative. Indigenously designed, developed and manufactured products should be given higher preference than the products that are manufactured under ToT, whether licensed or bought-out technology. This aspect of encouraging and promoting indigenous R&D has never been actively pursued by any industry association to date. However, it is an undeniable fact that many Indian companies, particularly MSMEs, have been spearheading intense R&D efforts to indigenise defence sub systems and even complete equipment. These initiatives and success stories need to be converted to fruitful business contracts which not only help the companies sustain themselves but aids the nation in attaining the much needed strength in matters concerning self reliant Indian defence industry. This is one of the major ideological viewpoint that DIIA stands for and is attempting to promote.

DIIA Membership

We, in DIIA in furtherance of this objective, are reaching out to companies that share this vision of self sufficiency in defence segments through indigenous R&D to participate actively in this movement by joining us.

It may be noted that Membership is open to only Indian companies Registered under the the Indian Companies Act with majority equity holding and de facto and de jure Board control by Indian Resident Citizens.

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